Energy supply for agriculture and forestry

RESBATT’s battery systems are popular in outdoor use with farmers, foresters, gardeners, animal breeders, zoos and mountain hut operators. Robust and reliable in all kinds of weather, they provide energy for a range of tasks, bringing electricity to places where it would otherwise not be available or only at great effort and expense.

Energy for fields, forests and meadows: ensuring growth, protection and secure yields 

RESBATT energy systems bring energy to the countryside, to fields, forests, meadows, lakes, rivers buildings, halls, stables, caves, shelters and anywhere people need it outdoors. Mobile energy that is indispensable for providing light, motion, protection, safety and much more. There are ample areas of application, for example in the fields of

  • agriculture (indoor and outdoor lighting, equipment, machinery, plants, vehicles, security, pumps, irrigation, conveyors, feeders, filter systems).
  • livestock farms – for cattle, pigs, horses, fish, birds, dogs, cats, small animals, etc. – (lighting, electric fencing, protective devices, feeders, irrigation, ventilation, filters)
  • energy supply for mobile equipment and machinery (vehicles, pumps, irrigation systems, conveyors, filter systems)
  • gardening, horticulture, garden maintenance, landscape gardeners, landscape architects (lighting, equipment, machinery, vehicles, pumps, conveyors, irrigation, ventilation, greenhouse supply)
  • forestry (equipment, machinery, plants, security, lighting)
  • nature conservation (monitoring and warning systems, documentation, laptops, equipment, cameras)
  • environmental institutes, eco-monitoring, air pollution monitoring, soil and water protection (measuring stations, devices, equipment, communications)
  • zoos, game reserves, animal enclosures (indoor and outdoor lighting, electric fences, protective devices, monitoring, equipment, machinery, installations, observation and warning systems, documentation, laptops, devices, cameras)
  • archaeology, excavations, spelunking (devices, machines, installations, lighting, communications)
  • Mountain rescue, emergency power supply, rescue equipment (lighting, electrical tools, communications equipment)
  • … and countless more areas of application