Power for e-scooters

Turn it on and let the power hum. Powerful and long-lasting. RESBATT battery systems give e-scooters a powerful boost. Filling the tank is yesterday’s news! Thanks to RESBATT’s perfectly adapted connections, the plug & drive experience is truly enjoyable. Especially since you can charge the system quickly and easily at home.

Fully charged: a green light for e-scooters

The trend towards e-scooters is picking up speed. Old and young alike are increasingly drawn to the advantages of being mobile in urban areas and the surrounding countryside while simultaneously saying goodbye to exhaust fumes, engine noise and parking problems.

Our powerful lithium-ion batteries are the driving force behind brisk acceleration and superior range. They can be quickly charged anywhere and safely folded away under your seat with a flick of the wrist.

RESBATT’s energy solutions are ahead of the game: easily portable, changeable while in use (hot-pluggable) and providing enough energy to ensure easy driving through the city and into the country. The range can be further extended with a second batterycoupling them is child’s play.

The RESBATT battery system is ideal for supplying remote charging stations and battery swapping stations for rented bikes, small scooters and e-bikes: it facilitates the rapid, safe swapping of batteries and thus ensures superior range. And best of all: RESBATT systems are waterproof and can also be repaired and recycled. Sustainability is always our priority.

Small e-delivery vehicles