Energy supply with home storage systems

RESBATT’s battery systems store your future energy. RESBATT systems store the cheap solar energy you harvest from your own photovoltaic system until you need it. Always convenient and flexible. For example, while you are at work and out of the house, RESBATT is storing a rich supply of free solar energy. Instead of feeding it into your energy supplier’s grid, a better solution is to use the stored electricity yourself: when you need it. This way, you save the most. Your energy supplier will pay you much less for feeding the electricity into the grid than you would pay to use the same amount of electricity from the grid. Used as a home storage system, RESBATT really helps you to save money.

Cut your electricity bill with RESBATT home storage. 

Solar energy is particularly cheap and efficient when you use it yourself. Thanks to RESBATT battery systems, it’s never been easier to store this energy for your own use. This significantly reduces the amount of expensive electricity you have to buy from the public grid. Make yourself self-sufficient, supply your own energy needs and be in charge of your own energy transition thanks to RESBATT. You only need to fall back on your electrical utility when your own energy supply doesn’t meet your needs. The difference you save is profit in your pocket. In this way, RESBATT helps you to cut your electricity bills significantly, meaning that it pays for itself in the long term.   

Coupling several RESBATT modules

It is easy to couple several RESBATT modules via a docking station, allowing you to expand your energy storage capacity to match your individual energy needs.

RESBATT home storage solutions – the advantages: 

  • Independent supply of free, environmentally clean,CO2-saving solar power at any time – your contribution to the transition to renewable energy
  • Take your energy supply into your own hands with a large energy storage capacity
  • Use your own electricity, produced and stored free of charge, not only when the sun is shining, but also at night and in bad weather, e.g.
    • for heating and hot water
    • for your heat pump (heating and hot water)
    • for your e-vehicle charging station

By consuming your own electricity, you 

  • cut down or eliminate your need to buy expensive electricity from the public grid
  • reduce your electricity bills to a minimum
  • become less dependent on rising energy costs
  • become less dependent on your grid operator’s fixed feed-in tariff
  • earn annual returns and recoup your investment in a sustainable energy supply more quickly

Home storage system – also perfect for mobile use 

Unique: as a flexible home storage system, RESBATT can do it all. It provides both stationary and mobile solutions. Once the storage unit has been charged via your photovoltaic system, simply take it with you to provide energy in your workshop, in the garden, on construction sites, for tradesmen, for road trips, for leisure and hobby activities, on boats, while camping, in your camper van, for charging e-bikes, for parties, for music, for lighting, for barbecue areas, for refrigerators, for a range of other applications. RESBATT offers the best of both worlds: home energy storage is portable and flexible like never before.

When your RESBATT storage unit is empty, simply recharge it at home – for example via your solar energy system. You can recharge one or more RESBATT batteries in this way. Simply plug them in to the charging station next to each other and let them recharge with the power of the sun. Once charged, you can take these portable power packs with you wherever you go; simply remove each module individually from the storage unit and take it with you. You can’t do this with conventional solar home storage systems. Here, RESBATT offers unbeatable advantages.

Electricity in the house, even when there’s a power cut: a flexible home storage system 

In the future, RESBATT owners won’t need to worry about power cuts. Depending on its dimensions, the RESBATT system can provide an efficient uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as well as an emergency energy supply. Regional and national power cuts caused by natural events, storms, cyber attacks, terrorist attacks, grid overloads or maintenance work can restrict, endanger or completely paralyse the energy supply. 

RESBATT provides a flexible back-up energy supply for private households, industry and service providers, public facilities and utilities, communications systems, healthcare facilities, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and many other electricity users in all areas of life. In this way, RESBATT contributes to increased safety and autonomy in emergency situations.