Power for emergency services

Every second counts. RESBATT battery systems provide electricity. Safely and reliably. The emergency services rely on it when responding to calls. Day and night. RESBATT is always on call, just in case. Providing power that can save lives.

Emergency situations: RESBATT energy for responding to calls

RESBATT power packs provide a secure mobile energy supply – for electrical devices and appliances that need to be “hot” and ready for use in emergencies:

  • In fire engines
  • In ambulances
  • For on-call doctors
  • For emergency relief services
  • For disaster relief services
  • For the police
  • For the army
  • For military rescue vehicles
  • For animal rescue services
  • For mountain, cave, diving, water/lake emergency rescue services and air rescue services (rescue helicopters)
  • … and for many other areas of application.

Because defibrillators and ventilators are only of use if they have the energy to function any time, anywhere. RESBATT charges devices reliably so that rescue workers can rely 100% on them.