Power supply for events & open air

Today, much of what happens outdoors would not be possible without electricity. And thanks to RESBATT battery systems, it’s now even easier. The powerful battery system can be recharged anywhere and can be coupled with several more batteries to boost its power even further. The result: endless power that is also unbeatably portable.

Mobile power supply for events and open air

Outdoor power for longer: power supply for events, leisure, outdoor applications 

Whether it’s an open-air concert, a DJ event, a party, a family celebration, a wedding, a corporate event, a fireworks display, an official event, a play, a magic show, a circus performance, a sports event, or an event at a mountain hut or on an island or lake (or any other type of event: regardless of whether it’s held indoors or outdoors, every event needs a safe, independent power supply to create the right atmosphere and make it a success.

RESBATT battery systems are the customisable, expandable energy supply solution for a networked communications infrastructure, whether it’s for light and sound, image and film, heating, ventilation, cooling, pumping water or waste water, cooking, washing, rinsing or drying.

RESBATT systems can be customised to your specific energy requirements and are more flexible to changing needs than any other system.