Power supply for leisure/camping

Ample mobile power for relaxing leisure activities. Pure pleasure with RESBATT. There’s no easier way to take a full battery with you. One full charge provides ample power for a range of indoor and outdoor needs.

Extra “juice” for making the most of your free time: caravan, motorhome, camping.

Going camping or taking a trip in a caravan or motorhome shouldn’t mean doing without the comforts afforded by electricity.

RESBATT’s portable, powerful systems offer a clear advantage here, as they can be flexibly used, charged and coupled, and are easy to transport.

RESBATT’s powerful battery systems provide ample electricity for refrigerators, kettles, TVs, computers, water pumps and other electrical equipment.

The system’s robust, waterproof design is equipped with a range of connections, as well as being lightweight and easy to use, giving it a decisive advantage over other power sources.

The rest of the time, when the battery system is not needed for camping, you can use it as a stationary home storage unit or as a mobile power outlet.

Resbatt for camping and leisure