Power supply for the community

RESBATT battery systems facilitate a range of municipal jobs by supplying mobile power. The powerful yet portable energy storage units enable the use of electrical machines and tools, wherever you are.

Electrifying supply: RESBATT for municipal vehicles

Sweeping, blowing, hedge-trimming: Municipal vehicles and machines have to work in the toughest everyday conditions and be constantly available and reliable.

They also have to be easy to use and easy to maintain. Battery-powered drive systems are increasingly being used instead of internal combustion engine-driven ones, as they reduce noise levels and exhaust pollution, as well as making tools lighter and easier to use.

Municipal responsibilities include gritting, sweeping, clearing, gardening, earthmoving, tree and hedge work, sawing, blowing, drilling, milling, cutting, grinding, hammering and many other activities, and the associated vehicles, machines and equipment require a highly reliable power supply.

RESBATT battery systems have proven to be ideal in such settings. They are portable, robust and almost predestined for municipal uses with high energy requirements: whether for municipal e-vehicles, for feeding electrically-powered applications such as water pumps, saws, street cleaning and clearing aggregates, or for supplying energy to machines and equipment without the need for vehicles.