Power supply for emergency vehicles

The RESBATT battery system reliably provides independent power when it counts. This portable power back-up is indispensable for emergency vehicles: it can restart e-vehicles with flat batteries or provide jump-starting assistance to petrol, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, thus getting them back on the road.

Fresh power for e-vehicles: for emergency vehicles and breakdown services

Until now, disabled e-vehicles with flat batteries were towed away at great expense, even if there was a charging station relatively nearby.

RESBATT solves this problem. The battery system is like an “electric fuel canister”. It can be used by emergency vehicles, e.g. breakdown services, to provide aid. This means that disabled e-vehicles can be recharged quickly so that they can make their own way to the next charging station.

RESBATT provides a complete, integrated system for vehicle fleets and civilian emergency vehicles of all kinds. RESBATT is thus powering the progress of e-vehicles.