Energy supply for skilled trades and industry

Electricity is the driving force behind the economy, enabling value creation in a wide range of areas. Mobile energy from a RESBATT battery system provides more opportunities, because it offers an independent and reliable energy supply wherever you are. Whether you’re a small business, large enterprise, tradesperson or IT service provider: everyone benefits from genuine freedom.

Skilled tradesperson, service provider, production worker, retail commerce or commercial agent – RESBATT is on hand wherever you are.

There is almost nowhere that you can’t use the RESBATT system to provide a powerful mobile energy supply

  • for machines, devices, tools and work equipment which provide electrical support in carrying out a wide range of operations, whether heavy or light
  • for lighting equipment, sound equipment
  • for transport equipment
  • for measurement and communications equipment
  • for photo and film applications
  • for sound and audio applications
  • for process technology
  • for IT and computer systems etc.


A large number of electrical devices and electrically operated modules, components and systems, some of which place the highest demands on energy quality (sine waves), can be reliably supplied by RESBATT battery systems.

RESBATT systems can even deal with high energy consumption, depending on the area of application, especially when individual energy packs are coupled to form larger units.

One system – and everything is possible. Thanks to mobile energy.