Power for mobile e-chargingstations

The environmentally friendly e-mobility of the future needs a reliable network of as many e-charging stations as possible, freely accessible to everyone, wherever they are. Thanks to RESBATT’s high-performance battery systems for efficient solar energy storage, it is faster and easier than ever before to set up and expand e-charging stations. Because you don’t need complex energy grid infrastructure – all you need is the sun.

Power for mobile charging stations

Please charge quickly and safely! 

If you travel significant distances by e-bike or another e-vehicle (e-scooter, e-roller, golf caddy, Segway, etc.), you will need a charging station (remote charging station) along the way to recharge the battery and get back on the road. An increasing number of e-charging stations are operated with solar power instead of electricity from the grid. In this situation, RESBATT batteries provide the ideal energy storage solution. The batteries are also easy to transport, so you can swap them out for fully charged RESBATT batteries at any time – even if the available solar yield is insufficient. All you need is a handle. You can safely swap the battery over in just a few minutes. Charging stations are thus mobile and independent of the grid.

RESBATT systems provide safe, highly efficient energy storage, offering a pioneering solution for the flexible establishment and provision of more charging stations, independently of the public electricity grid. This means that more and more e-vehicle users can “fill up” with environmentally clean electricity at a growing number of charging stations: whether they’re buzzing around the city or in the countryside, when shopping or running errands, at work, or while studying or learning. And naturally also in their free time: in holiday regions, in bike parks, when taking a break on an e-bike route, when visiting a restaurant or staying at a hotel.

Whether in an urban environment or a rural area with no access to the grid: RESBATT provides highly efficient solar energy storage in e-charging stations wherever you are, thus supplying enough energy to power a sustainable mobile lifestyle. 

RESBATT battery systems offer power and potential for 

  • Public e-charging stations
  • Cities, communities and municipalities
  • Private e-charging stations
  • E-charging stations for tourism, hotels and gastronomy – pubs, restaurants, cafés, bars, beer gardens, kiosks etc.
  • E-charging stations in shopping centres, universities, colleges, schools, clinics, doctors’ practices, sanatoriums, spa and rehabilitation facilities, museums, libraries, sports facilities, swimming pools, nature and leisure parks, etc.
  • E-charging stations at petrol stations
  • E-charging stations for businesses, trade, companies, firms and authorities – for employees, customers and visitors

Advantages of the RESBATT system in photovoltaic e-charging stations

  • Environmentally-friendly and safe: solar-powered storage and charging from photovoltaic installations
  • For e-bikes, pedelecs, e-scooters, e-rollers, e-mobiles, e-caddies, senior mobility vehicles, e-wheelchairs, Segways
  • Flexible, interchangeable, portable battery system
  • High-capacity lithium-ion battery with superior energy transfer for short charging times
  • Easy to assemble and set up – plug & play system
  • Modular storage solution, can be expanded as required, multiple systems can be linked
  • Can be exchanged during use (hot-pluggable)
  • Robust and durable storage medium for CO2-neutral solar power
  • Weatherproof, waterproof (IP67), submersible, drop-proof
  • Can be used year-round
  • Charging via 230V Schuko outlets