Energy supply for transport and logistics

Transporting important, valuable or perishable goods safely from A to B. RESBATT battery systems facilitate a range of logistical tasks which depend on a mobile energy supply. The battery systems can be coordinated and configured to meet your needs.

Reliable transport: transport safety for containers/wagons 

Whether travelling by road, rail, water or air, a reliable, self-sufficient energy supply is indispensable to ensure transport safety in the logistics sector.

This is no problem thanks to RESBATT’s battery systems. They provide a high-quality, maintenance-free energy supply and are mobile and easy to use. 

Transport containers: properly monitored and temperature-controlled – energy thanks to RESBATT

RESBATT battery systems are used to ensure uniform temperature control of transport containers so that sensitive goods – whether it’s vaccines, blood bottles, organs for transplants or sophisticated chemical substances – are reliably transported at the optimum temperature during what could be a long journey, thus guaranteeing their quality, shelf life and usability.

Likewise, RESBATT systems can provide the necessary energy for monitoring and protecting valuable and important cargo items, such as museum exhibits, archaeological treasures, valuable paintings and objects by famous artists, precious metals, vintage cars, historic aeroplanes and ships and valuable industrial goods of all kinds.