Further development

Continuous, learning development: Energy for tomorrow

As a learning company, we are continuously adapting our developments, reviewing and expanding our solutions and applying the latest advances in cell technology to our systems. We ensure that our products and services offer the best possible solutions to the needs and ever-increasing requirements of a diverse range of markets. This is what gives us our energy and our drive for success. Today and in the future.

Optimisation of the system and its components

  • Continuous improvements in the reliability and resilience of the battery system.
  • Continuous improvements in efficiency, minimising electrical losses to 10% when using the battery system.
  • Adaptation to effective inverters, e.g. via the A-Box.
  • Option of using even more effective cells (round cells) as soon as they are available on the market, also through close cooperation with distributors and/or cell manufacturers.
  • Adaptation of the battery management system (BMS) to ensure continued compatibility of different cell systems.
  • Responsive to customer developments in order to best adapt our system to customer wishes and special requirements.
  • All battery system components should be sustainably reusable.
  • Optimised design for ease of assembly, disassembly and reparability.
Resbatt Batteriesystem

Expansion of the system

Starting from the battery system, the goal is to integrate further components to create a complete system for integral holistic energy supply: from solar cell and/or fuel cell systems for energy provision, to the coordinated energy storage/supply battery system, to inverters for different voltage levels and inductive energy transmission for external system supply.

Better safe than sorry

RESBATT products comply with all necessary safety inspections, tests, adjustments and certifications for their respective areas of application.