Power supply for watercraft

Power on board. Whenever and wherever you’re on the water. Easy to transport, easy to replace and safe to use – even when the spray is flying or the rain pours down. RESBATT battery systems can cope with a lot while continuing to deliver watts and volts. The flexible energy supply can be used on any boat trip, as well as on dry land, in vehicles and at home.

Waterproof energy boost for e-boats and maritime vehicles

RESBATT is the mobile power pack for maritime applications such as houseboats, recreational boats, sailing boats and other vessels. The perfect boat and yacht battery for on-board power supply, starting the engine or if you prefer a quiet e-engine. Superior power and performance, especially for zones where combustion engines are not (or no longer) permitted.

RESBATT provides a reliable on-board power supply.
Completely silent, so there’s nothing to disturb you. Simply relax and enjoy the electric drive in peace, for example with a chilled drink from the fridge, which is also powered by RESBATT.

The battery dimensions are designed to facilitate coupling, thus providing ample lightweight energy for a range of applications.

The battery housing is designed to meet extreme requirements: it is waterproof (IP67), submersible and shockproof. In addition, batteries can be replaced during operation (hot-pluggable).

So you can relax on rivers, canals, lakes, coastal waters or at sea independently of the power grid.